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Asher Fleming is a recurring character on Season 4 of WB drama Gilmore Girls. He is portrayed by Michael York.


Asher is a Yale professor and author, who develops a romantic relationship with Paris Geller. The two meet through Richard Gilmore, because Asher and Richard were classmates at Yale.[1] Despite the massive age difference, Paris and Asher had a serious relationship throughout Paris and Rory's freshman year of Yale.[2][3][4]

Asher dies of a heart attack two weeks before Rory and Paris's sophomore year of Yale begins.[5] He was teaching a Shakespeare class in Oxford when he had the heart attack. He left Paris an eighteenth-century printing press, which she briefly stored in the common room she shared with Rory.[6]


  • Asher dedicates his novel Jaglon (2004) to Paris, a 'wise, willful, wonderful woman'.[7]
  • Doyle tells Rory that Asher is known for his string of affairs with the female students. 

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