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Anna Nardini is a recurring character on WB drama Gilmore Girls. She is portrayed by Sherilyn Fenn.


Anna is the mother of April Nardini, Luke's biological daughter. She is quite similar to Lorelai, in her musical and fashion tastes. Anna and Lorelai also share the quality of being fiercely protective over their daughters. She and Luke dated for a period in the early '90s, Anna describing Luke as anti-kid at the time they were together.[1]

The character changes drastically from a protective single mother who is on okay terms with her ex-boyfriend, to being completely anti Luke being a part of April's life or having any rights as a parent. This is due to the original creators leaving the series after Season 6.

Season 6

At first, she is agreeable to Luke being involved in April's life, but did not want Lorelai to have any part of April's life. Anna felt that because she was only Luke's fiancee, not something more "permanent," such as Luke's wife, that the relationship was too unstable and was afraid April would be hurt if they broke up.

Season 7

Anna tried to cut Luke out of April's life when she wanted to take April with her to move to New Mexico to take care of her sick mother. Luke reluctantly went to a lawyer, Jim, because he wanted to obtain partial custody of April. Jim represented Luke in a custody lawsuit against Anna; although Luke got discouraged when he was told that in this kind of legal battle, the mother usually wins.

For the trial, Luke asked Lorelai to write a character reference letter for him, which ended up being what helped Luke win partial custody. The letter, also started the break up process between Lorelai and Christopher, and served as a confirmation of Lorelai's deep history and connection to Luke (which will gradually draw them close again). Anna did move to New Mexico with April, but April still visits Luke in Connecticut on her school vacations, and shares phone calls and updates with her father. Anna doesn't make any appearances on the show after the court date for the custody battle.



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