Afterboom is the 19th episode of Season 4 on WB drama Gilmore Girls.


What happens after an explosion? Everything's in pieces. The breakup of Richard and Jason's business results in two more breakups: the Richard-and-Emily marriage and the Lorelai-and-Jason love affair.



Luke finalizes his divorce. The band's latest gig is a big hit, but leaves Lane feeling lonely. As the Dragonfly Inn nears its opening date, Michel gives travel agents the grand tour and Sookie is back in the kitchen, if not on her feet. Doyle clues Rory in on Asher's reputation as a serial student dater. Lorelai and Richard have it out over his treatment of Jason. Lane is upset to discover that her mother has taken in a Korean exchange student who could be her double, and confronts the girl when she sees her wearing her old clothes.

When Jason decides to sue Richard after discovering his treachery, Lorelai breaks up with him. Afraid that Richard's actions will put a rift in their relationship with Lorelai and Rory, Emily asks her husband to reconsider, but he brushes her off. Asher is displeased when Rory questions whether the "A" he gave her for a paper she thought she did poorly on has any connection to her friendship with Paris. After Richard and Emily act very strangely during Friday night dinner, Lorelai does a little investigating and discovers that her mother has moved out of the house and into a hotel. Lane begins to realize how much she misses her mother.


  • "After Dark" by Mower








Lorelai – Bewitched? I love Bewitched.
Rory – That's my little Kofi Annan.
Lorelai – Of course, I had no idea we were dealing with the Carringtons. All we needed was a swimming pool and some ball-gowns to really end the evening right.
Jason – Where all the financial wash-ups wash up. It's gonna be me and the Enron boys, smoking cigars while their ankle cuffs beep quietly in the background.
LorelaiJack Nicholson and Angelina Jolie just kicked us out with parting gifts.
Lorelai – Of course, my scenario also involved my mother finding her inner Timothy Leary and moving us all out to a commune in Berkeley.
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