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A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving is the 9th episode of Season 3 of Gilmore Girls.


Lorelai's parents expect the girls for Thanksgiving dinner... and so do Lane, Luke, and Sookie. How to handle four enormous dinners? Skip the rolls. Kirk adopts a cat with an attitude.


Lauren Graham as Lorelai Gilmore
Alexis Bledel as Rory Gilmore
Keiko Agena as Lane Kim
Melissa McCarthy as Sookie St. James
Yanic Truesdale as Michel Gerard
Scott Patterson as Luke Danes
Liza Weil as Paris Geller
Jared Padalecki as Dean Forester
Milo Ventimiglia as Jess Mariano
Sean Gunn as Kirk Gleason
and Kelly Bishop as Emily Gilmore
special appearance by
Edward Herrmann as Richard Gilmore

Guest starring

Sally Struthers as Babette Dell
Emily Kuroda as Mrs. Kim
Jackson Douglas as Jackson Belleville
Shelly Cole as Madeline Lynn
Teal Redmann as Louise Grant
Adam Brody as Dave Rygalski
Judy Geeson as Natalie Swope
Brent Hinkley as Jackson's Relative
John Aniston as Douglas Swope
Michael Des Barres as Claude Clemenceau
Ted Rooney as Morey Dell
Lydie Denier as Monique Clemenceau


  • Dave and Lane kiss for the first time.
  • Dean threatens Jess.


  • This episode is set two weeks after Let The Games Begin.


the man who sold the world | DAVID BOWIE
dave and lane kiss
free bird | LYNYRD SKYNYRD







Sookie – And that’s the thing. They still say, "And now the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather."
Paris – Madeline, you should point out to the faculty that their annoying custom of teaching is distracting you from more important things like nail-filing and daydreaming about marrying Ryan Phillippe.
Louise – We have it for about two hours, then one of the Manson girls gets it.
Paris – My Thanksgiving is turning into a Wes Craven movie.
Lorelai – We're not Michelle Kwaning this!
Jess – Yeah, or we can wear Three Stooges masks all the time, that way no one will know who we are.
Rory – I can be Curly.
Jess – I’ll be Moe.
Jess – I'm Frank at the Sands.
LorelaiMy arms are too short to box with Mrs. Kim.
Lorelai – Where's Quasimodo?
Rory – What's the oil for?
Lorelai – For pouring on Visigoths.
Claude – Well, it’s all Mickey Mouse this and Mickey Mouse that, you know. They want to die.