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A-Tisket, A-Tasket is the 13th episode of Season 2 on WB drama Gilmore Girls.


The annual Stars Hollow Picnic Basket Auction causes romantic complications when Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) outbids Dean (Jared Padalecki) to win a picnic lunch date with Rory (Alexis Bledel), leading to a fight between Rory and Dean, and an even bigger fight between Rory and Lorelai (Lauren Graham) over whether or not Rory should be hanging out with Jess, who Lorelai believes is a bad influence.


The annual Stars Hollow charity picnic basket lunch auction sparks controversies among couples throughout town. Jess outbids Dean for Rory's basket, causing Dean and Rory to quarrel when Rory abides by tradition and shares the lunch date with Jess. Jackson refuses to bid on Sookie's basket after she leads him to believe that she does not want to move in with him. Luke comes to Lorelai's rescue, after much of Lorelai’s pleads, bids on her basket, and feeds them both at the diner after Miss Patty sets Lorelai up with a trio of unsuitable bidders.

Henry tires of the end runs around Mrs. Kim, and calls it quits with Lane. Rory and Jess hit it off at lunch and Jess leaves with a secret souvenir—the bracelet that Dean gave Rory for her 16th birthday. He picks it up and holds on to after Rory dropped it. Sookie and Jackson work things out so well that he proposes and she accepts. Lorelai and Rory quarrel when Rory finds out that her mother lent a sympathetic ear to Dean's concerns about Jess. After Emily agrees with her daughter's distrust of Jess, Lorelai realizes that Rory is a good judge of character, and apologises.


  • Henry ends things with Lane.
  • Sookie and Jackson get engaged.
  • Dean is further enraged by Rory's obvious interest in Jess.
  • Mrs. Kim tells Lane that she has her rules about Lane dating so that Lane does not get hurt because she is just a young girl.
  • Aris Alvarado does not portray the Caesar who is left in charge of the diner while Luke bids on Lorelai's basket.
  • The episode title may be a reference to the Stevie Ray Vaughn song 'Mary Had a Little Lamb', which contains the line; Tisket, tasket, A green and yellow basket.






Lorelai – So, I've decided I'm saving myself for William Holden
Lorelai – Ugh, every great relationship has its obstacles. You'd know that if you weren't dating Andy Hardy
Lorelai – I have to go call Patty and stop the forced mating process. I feel like Ling-Ling the panda bear
Jess – Well, it's no Lenny Bruce routine but it has its moments
Jess – Excuse me, Edgar Bergen, I'd like Charlie McCarthy to answer now
Dean – Sorry, I'd do a silly walk, but I'm not feeling very John Cleese right now
Lorelai – You do. One with a couch and a deep knowledge of Freud
Lorelai – I'm totally into Dungeons & Dragons
JessAyn Rand is a political nut
Lorelai – I'm not taking sides. I'm Swiss, babe
Lorelai – He seems cool because he’s got this dangerous vibe and this problem with authority and he’s seen a lot of Sylvester Stallone movies